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How To Connect AirPods To PS5 Without Bluetooth Adapter?

Ps5 is a next-gen console that competes with form hyper-tuned gaming PC. We all know how good it is and all about the hyped-around young generation but it has some lacking such as no built-in Bluetooth function.

That’s why connecting your AirPods to ps5 is one kinda pain in the neck, though it’s possible to connect your AirPods by using a Bluetooth dongle. But some users want this configuration for free.

It’s really simple to connect your AirPods to ps5 without a Bluetooth adapter by using PS Remote Play app. This app allows you to use your ps5/ps4 console remotely. Basically, it lets you connect your wireless headphone or AirPods to ps5/ps4.

Now, look at the following where we have discussed step by step guide on how to connect your AirPods to ps5 without using a Bluetooth dongle.

Connect Airpods To PS5 Without an adapter

  • Turn on your ps5
  • Complete the sign-in process
  • Open the App store & Download “PS Remote Play” App
  • Now open the app and sign in to your ps5 account
  • The App will start to search for your Ps5 device
  • Once the connection has been established, connect your ps5 controller
  • Make sure your device’s Bluetooth is on
  • Pair your controller to your smart device
  • Now connect your AirPods to ps5 through a Bluetooth connection
  • Done, now you are ready to bang

If you are using an iPhone then the pairing with AirPods will be done automatically or for android, you can use the old Bluetooth method, just click to pair your AirPods, and done. This is a simple process that requires minimal effort, so those who feel not to buy a Bluetooth adapter for their ps5 they can use this PS Remote Play App method to connect their AirPods to ps5 with ease.

Connect Airpods To PS4 Without the adapter

The process for ps4 is also the same which we have already shown for ps5.

  • Turn on your ps4
  • Complete the sign in process
  • Open App store & Download “PS Remote Play” App
  • Now open the app and sign in to your ps4 account
  • The App will search for your Ps4 device
  • Connect your ps4 controller
  • Make sure the bluetooth on your Mobile device is on
  • Pair your controller to your smart device
  • Now connect your AirPods to ps4 through Bluetooth

What to Do if You Can’t Hear Audio?

Check to see whether your AirPods have paired correctly with your PS5/ps4 if you’ve done all of the above steps and still can’t hear anything from them.

  • From your Ps5/Ps4 Home screen, select Settings
  • Select Sound > Choose Audio Output > Output Device
  • On the next screen, select your Bluetooth device

Can You Chat with Other Gamers on PS5/PS4 Using AirPods?

No, if you have connected your AirPods to ps5 using a Bluetooth dongle, the Bluetooth adaptor will only send audio from your console to AirPods. If you want chat ability with other players via headphones then get a pair that’s made for PS4 or PS5- otherwise known as ” Integration Headphones.”


You can’t connect wireless headphones or AirPods during direct gameplay without using any BlueTooth adapter but with PS Remote Play software it’s possible. Though it’s not a reliable or powerful solution, that’s why we would suggest you use a cheap USB Bluetooth dongle for your ps5/ps4 to connect Bluetooth headphones and AirPods.


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