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How to Connect JBL Bluetooth Headphones To Dell Laptop?

If you have recently brought new JBL headphones and now you want to connect them with your dell laptop then you do it by turning on the Bluetooth function of your both devices.

It’s a very hassle-free process and required minimal effort to configure both devices. By pairing your dell laptop with Bluetooth headphones, you can enjoy an immersive sound experience while gaming, watching movies, or even chatting when you have put yourself in video conference meeting.

Besides JBL headphones you can connect other brands of headsets too with your dell laptop by following the same procedure which we have given below:

Connecting JBL Headphones To Dell Laptop

First, you need to make sure your dell laptop has enough power to survive during the pairing process. Also, make sure your jbl wireless bluetooth headphones are fully charged too. Below we are providing a video guide where an instructor will show you how to connect your jbl headphones to your dell laptop effortlessly.

Now let’s proceed to our next destination where we have written step by step process for users in case users are more interested to follow detailed guidelines instead of a short process:

  • First turn on your dell computer
  • Go to settings > Devices > enable bluetooth
  • Now on your jbl headset, press and hold down the power button for 5 sec or untill it’s blinking blue
  • Now from your computer screen click “Add bluetooth or other device”
  • Click “Bluetooth” and look for your jbl headset which you want to pair
  • Now click to connect and Done

Troubleshooting tips

After following all of these steps if you see that your headset is not working then it may happen due to several reasons. Look at the followings where we have shared some tips & tricks that may help to solve your problems:

  • Go to your phone and turn off bluetooth
  • Disconnect your headset from other devices
  • Navigate the sound icon of your dell computer, expand the bar and make sure that your headphones are selected.


Do Bluetooth headphones work on Dell laptop?

Any brand of Bluetooth headphones would work with dell laptops. Just turn on the Bluetooth function of both devices, go to settings > device > click Add Bluetooth devices and look for your headphones to pair with your dell computer.

Does Dell Windows 10 have Bluetooth?

Yes, most of the dell laptops comes with bluetooth function which let you pair other bluetooth enabled devices easily.

How do I get my laptop to recognize my headphones?

  • Select Sounds by right-clicking the volume symbol in the lower left corner of your screen.
  • Select the Playback option from the drop-down menu.

If your headphones don’t appear as a listed device, right-click on the empty section and tick the box next to Show Disabled Devices. If your headphones are turned off, they will now appear on the list.


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