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How To Connect Bose Soundbar to TV?

So, if you have just bought a new TV with good picture quality but average sound, you will find the Bose Soundbar to be your perfect companion. It is small in size, easy to install, and carries amazing sound quality.

However, being so small means that it demands an extra effort for connectivity. You have got two options here – either connect your bose soundbar to the tv using HDMI or an Optical cable. You can also stream music wirelessly through Bluetooth connectivity too.

So, if you have a new TV and you purchase a Bose Soundbar, this article is for you. We will discuss here how to connect a soundbar with a TV to enjoy good quality sound from it.

What’s the Best Way to Connect Bose Soundbar To Tv?

There are many ways you can connect your Bose soundbar to the TV, but the easiest and most popular way is by using an optical cable. Optical cables are the digital audio connections that will play back the same quality of sound as HDMI does without requiring all those bulky connectors for both input and output units.

The second way to connect your bose soundbar to the TV is by using HDMI cable. You can connect your soundbar to the TV through the HDMI input available on the TV too.

But, both of these cables are not included in the box when you purchase your Bose Soundbar. So, you need to make sure that these are purchased along with bose sound bar or else you have to make additional efforts. The HDMI cable costs anywhere between $5 and $10 and the optical cable may cost around $20 depending on its length and quality. So, this extra expenditure is inevitable.

But if we look at its benefits – it’s all worth it! You will enjoy the clear, crisp sound with deep bass that will give you a theater-like feel at home.

The third and final way to connect bose soundbar to tv is by using bluetooth. You can pair your soundbar with the TV wirelessly and enjoy good quality music. This method is great in case if you want to use your TV for watching movies or playing video games, but there is no need to keep your bose soundbar’s remote handy all the time.

Which is the Best Connection Method for me?

These three different connection options (HDMI, optical, and Bluetooth) come with their own benefits and downsides. Here is a quick setup, so you can decide which of these options will work best for your needs:

HDMI connection is easy to setup and use. You just need to connect it once and then you can enjoy videos or game sound through your soundbar. If you own a new TV that comes with HDMI input, then this is the easiest way to connect your soundbar.

Optical connection is a good option if you already own a sound bar that supports optical input. The setup is easy and no additional equipment is required for making the connection, so this will save little bit of your money too.

Lastly, if you want wire-free and more convenient way to connect your soundbar to tv then go for the Bluetooth method though it’s not much great as HDMI and Optical connection in terms of delivering audio.

Also, other than the ease of connection, there is no loss of sound quality as well. The best part about this kind of connection is that you can use it for any smart tv.

Method 1: Connect Bose Soundbar To TV Using Optical Cable

To connect your Bose soundbar with your TV using an optical cable you will need to follow a few steps. Before proceeding further please make sure that your tv and soundbar both support the optical connection. The connection is very easy and straightforward, but let us have a look at the process in detail before we try out anything.

  • Pick up an optical cable
  • Connect the cable’s end to the Bose soundbar and the other to your TV.
  • Turn on your tv
  • Go to Audio output > Select optical cable
  • Turn on your bose soundbar
  • Go to Audio Source > Select Digital In
  • Done

The settings may vary depending on the type of TV and soundbar you own. Despite their appearance, however, all soundbars and TVs follow the same basic steps.

Method 2: Connect Bose Soundbar To Tv with HDMI Cable

To connect your Bose soundbar to your TV using HDMI cable you will need to follow a few steps. Please double-check that the two devices support this hdmi connection and your tv has HDMI ARC port as without the port you can’t deliver the tv audio to your soundbar.

  • Pick up an HDMI cable (An HDMI cable is necessary for this connection.)
  • Connect one end of the cable to the output port on your TV and the other end to the input port on your Bose Soundbar.
  • Turn on your bose soundbar and go to Input Source > Select HDMI In.
  • Also, From the TV settings, change the audio output.

Done! You have successfully connected your Bose soundbar to your TV using HDMI cable. It’s as simple as that.

You can use this method with any smart tv, however, if you are using a non-smart tv then there is no need to worry. You can still enjoy the amazing sound with your Bose Soundbar. Simply use the Optical cable to connect the two devices, and you are good to go.

Method 3: Connect Bose Soundbar With Your TV Using Bluetooth

This is a reliable and convenient method for new-gen soundbars and smart TVs but a lot’s old devices don’t feature Bluetooth function. So if you have it, to connect your Bose soundbar with your tv using Bluetooth you will need to follow a few steps mentioned below:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your tv
  • Hold the Bluetooth button on your soundbar or remote for several seconds to enter pairing mode.
  • On your Tv, Go to the Bluetooth menu > select Bose soundbar from the list
  • Now click to pair
  • Test your audio by playing something in the tv
  • Done

Connect Bose Soundbar To Old TV Using Bluetooth

  • Pick up a Bluetooth adapter.
  • Insert the Bluetooth adapter into your tv’s headphone jack and then turn on both devices. [If you don’t have a headphone jack for this purpose, use an optical cable instead.]
  • Go to Audio Out > Select Digital Out
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your soundbar
  • Go to the Bluetooth settings on your soundbar and select TV’s name.

Now enjoy great sound through your Bose Soundbar without any wires.

Can i connect Bose 500 and 700 soundbars To Tv?

These are the most popular soundbar of bose and lot’s users are using it right now. So if you brought a new smart tv recently into your home, then the good news for you is you can easily connect those speakers to your tv as both devices support HDMI ARC, Optical cable & It’s possible to connect Bose 500 and 700 soundbars to your smart Tv using Bluetooth.


Purchasing a sound bar is one of the most common home electronics purchases these days. I am sure that there are more than a few of you out there who have purchased a brand new TV and looking for ways to get better sound from it, you stumbled upon the idea of buying a Bose Soundbar.

Connecting your Bose Soundbar to a TV is not a big deal. You will need a few things before you can get going with the process. Once you have all of them, it will take only a few minutes for you to wirelessly stream music from your TV or other devices and even control the volume through the Bose remote.


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