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Connect/Pair Two Harman Kardon Speakers Together

It is regardless to say Harman Kardon speakers are one of the best in terms of delivering quality sound and connectivity. Harman Kardon speakers are made of high-quality materials and designed in so an aesthetically pleasing way that they complement any interior design style and as speakers, they are capable of satisfying the audience every time because of their crystal clear sound and balanced bass. Recent Harman Kardon speakers are supported by the latest Bluetooth facilities so they easily pair with each other like the other latest speakers that connect to each other. Harman Kardon speakers can be connected either in stereo mode or party mode.

Both of these methods are quite similar and easy to follow. Both the methods are explained below respectively. Follow any of these according to your choice.

Connecting Harman Kardon using Connect+

The “Connect +” feature allows you to connect two Harman Kardon speakers together if they are both in the same room and compatible. To sync both devices follow these simple steps below,

  • Power on one of the speakers
  • connect it to your phone
  • now turn the second speaker on
  • when it is turned on click the dedicated connect + button of your that speaker which is connected to your phone
  • Let the both devices sync together
  • To make sure both the deviecs are sync together play any music if you find both the devices playing the music at the same time that means both are connected are ready to play what ever music you want to hear.

Having trouble connecting speakers

if your speakers are unable to connect or you are facing other issues even after following all the steps mentioned above, check these following things,

  • Make sure all the devices that you are willig to connect is within the range.
  • you can place them at your desired location after they are paired
  • If you still face problem, contact their support team for a better guidence.

Connect Using Harman Kardon App

The Harman Kardon App helps you to control all the Harman Kardon devices you have, whethear you want to Stream different songs in each room or activate Party Mode and play the same song throughout every speaker in your house. Using this app is quite simple process is given below

  • Select a song to be played in every particular devices you want to play
  • Select the Harman Kardon speakers that you are willing to play the song in.


Can you connect Harman Kardon Speaker to TV?

You can connect most of the Harman Kardon Speakers to your smart TV using an RCA to AUX adapter, If both of the devices are compatible. First plug in the the RCA to Aux adapter at the audio output of your TV and connect the auxilliray cable to the Adapter to your Harman Kardon speaker.

How do I update my Harman Kardon firmware?

To update your Harman Kardon Firmware follow the steps mentioned below,

  • Install Orion app on your phone
  • Open the Orion app and connect your Speaker
  • In the app, tap open the menu from the top left corner of the screen, and go to settings
  • The screen should display your Speakers model name.
  • If a firmware update is available click the update button. And it will be updated in a short time.


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