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How to Connect JBL Speaker to Computer and Laptop?

JBL speakers are currently dominating the portable speaker industry thanks to their compact design and loud & smooth audio quality. It’s quickly becoming a household name and competing against big names like Google and Amazon. 

If you own a JBL speaker like me, you already know that you can easily connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. But how to connect JBL speaker to computer and laptop? Well, the procedure is fairly easy. If your PC supports Bluetooth you can connect your computer with the speaker through it. 

But what if your PC doesn’t support Bluetooth or it’s not connecting properly? Don’t panic. You can use a 3.5mm audio cable to connect both devices here. In this article, we will tell you how you can connect your JBL speaker to a computer using either of the methods. 

How to Connect JBL Speaker to Computer and Laptop?

Like we have said before there are two ways you can pair up the devices. First, let’s go over the easy method. Via bluetooth. Remember this option should be your first priority. If bluetooth doesn’t work or don’t respond then go over to other options. 

Connecting JBL Speaker to Computer and Laptop Via Bluetooth 

Now then let me clarify one thing, not all JBL speakers support audio cable or aux cable. So,your best bet here is Bluetooth. 

Now follow these steps in your speaker to connect: 

  • First, turn on the speaker. 
  • Then keep pressing the Bluetooth button until you hear a sound. ( The sound indicates that any Bluetooth compatible device can pair up with the speaker) 
  • At this point, the lights should link constantly to indicate it is in the discovery/pairing mode. 

note: make sure your speaker is not connected to any other device. 

If you are an MAC user, follow these steps in your PC: 

  • First, go to the apple menu>system preference.  
  • From there select the bluetooth option. 
  • Now, tap on your speaker’s name from the discovered devices list. 
  • Click connect and then accept if any pairing request pops up. 

If you are a Windows user follow these steps in your PC: 

  • Here tap the start icon and then go to settings
  • Now go to device setting. It will take you to external device setting like blutooth, Mouse, speaker etc. 
  • In this pop up menu you will see an add bluetooth and other device option. Clink on the plus sign beside it. 
  • Now wait a while for your speaker’s name to show up. 
  • Once it does. Click on it and select pair. 

this should connect your pc with the JBL speaker. 

Using Audio Cable or AUX Cable

Next up you can use the AUX cable or  commonly go by 3.5 mm audio cable if your laptop or desktop doesn’t support bluetooth connectivity. 

Now what is an AUX cable? It is both end jack cable. Which means on each end of the cable there is a 3.5mm jack. 

Follow these steps to connect the devices: 

  • First lift the cover from the back of the JBL speaker. You will see one slot for AUX and another for USB. 
  • Now connect one end of the 3.5mm cable to the JBL port and another end on your laptop/desktop. 
  • Now remember that you need to connect the AUX cable to the headphone slot if you have both a microphone slot and headphone slot in your pc. 
  • Now go to the start menu and then click setting. 
  • From there go to the sound setting.
  • A sound dialogue will pop up and you will see a list of your playback devices. 
  • In that box you will see your sound devices names. Among them you will find your JBL speakers name. 
  • Now left click on it and choose the option connect. 
  • If a green tick sign appears on the side of the speaker’s name then it means both of the devices are connected. 

Now you will be able to play any music through the bluetooth speaker. 


1.Can I Connect my JBL Speaker with the computer Using USB?

Answer: You see there is no way you can connect both the devices via USB. If you don’t have an AUX cable or simply want to use an Usb cord on your computer, you need to. Purchase a USB Dongle.

You can connect the JBL speaker to it via Bluetooth by plugging the USB Dongle further into USB port. 

2. Is Blutooth better than wired connection? 

Answer: Both are excellent, but it is up to you which one you prefer. Many people prefer Bluetooth connections because they are wireless. No waires, no extra hassel. So, you can place the speaker anywher. 

The cable is more stable, but there are wires to contend with. After the connection is established, there is no need to change anything else. The plus side is, it will continue to function until you disconnect it. While a Bluetooth connection may fluctuate over time. So this might cause a few problems. 

3. Why is my Bluetooth speaker not pairing up with my PC?

If both the devices are not pairing up then you can follow this procedure: 

  • If it isn’t already turned off, disable Airplane Mode. 
  • Then, turn off bluetooth. For that go to Start  and select settings menu
  •  From there select Devices and from there select Bluetooth & other.  From there disconnect and then reconnect the blutooth.  

Note: Wait a few seconds before reactivating Bluetooth. 


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