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how to connect sonos to iPhone?

Sonos speakers and soundbars are known for their high quality and deliver consistent sound. Though it is true that Sonos hardware is toon expensive than other brands out there in the market but depending on the quality sound it delivers Sonos is definitely worth your money. Latest Models of Sonos soundbars and speakers deliver pristine audio and built-in voice control via Amazon or google assistant. But in terms of paring and connectivity, people have to face a little difficulty due to its lengthy procedure. Sonos is compatible with IOS devices and there are several different methods to connect Sonos devices to iPhone. As all of the Sonos devices are not supported by Bluetooth people have to choose different methods to pair their iPhone to the Sonos device. However, Few models of Sonos speakers like Sonos Move and Roam are supported by Bluetooth rest of the others can be paired with the help of the Sonos app or Airplay. I’m here to guide you through these three different methods which are commonly used to pair IOS devices to Sonos devices.

Three methods to connect Sonos to iPhone

  1. Connect via Sonos S1 or S2 App
  2. Connect via Airplay
  3. Connect via Bluetooth

Connect via Sonos S1 or S2 App

Sonos app is compatible with both iOS or Android. But there are 2 different apps for Sonos. You can use any of them to pair your device to the Sonos soundbar.

Connect using Sonos S2

  • Make sure your iPhone and the Sonos device both are sharing the same Wifi network.
  • Open the Sonos App on your iPhone.
  • In a few seconds you will be prompted to control a nearby Sonos System and Tap connect when you receive the prompt.
  • If you don’t receive prompt go to the settings and tap “Join near by system”.
  • Now press and release the join button on the closest Sonos device.
  • Follow farther on screen instructions.

Connect using Sonos S1

  • Download the app
  • Connect both the iOS and sonos devices to the same wifi network.
  • Open the app
  • After a few seconds you will get a message saying “Sonos found”. Tap Connect
  • Tap Let’s Connect. Now you will find join button that you have to press.
  • Once your screen shows “Connected to your Sonos System”. Press Done.

Connect via Airplay

If your Sonos device doesn’t support Bluetooth Airplay is an easy solution for you. Because Most of the Sonos devices are compatible with Airplay. Though Airplay 1 and Airplay 2 both are suitable to play music on Sonos Airplay 2 is a better option. Nowadays Airplay services have become so advanced that you can connect more than one Sonos Device and play music from all the devices at the same time from a single iPhone. You can connect your Sonos device via Airplay just by following some simple steps given below,

  • Swipe Down form the top right of your iPhones screen.
  • Tap on the control center option.
  • Tap on the top right corner of the screen and look for audio card.
  • Now you will find “Airplay” icon on the screen.
  • Introduce your Sonos device to the app.
  • After you pair it is ready to play music from your iPhone.

Connect via Bluetooth

Not all Sonos devices support Bluetooth rather some of them actually have this facility like Sonos Move and Sonos Roam. And Even they have this option, using Bluetooth might bring some limitations along with it such as limiting features like grouping, Trueplay, Voice assistants, and stereo pairing. And both Sonos Move and Sonos Roam have different methods to connect via Bluetooth. Methods are given below Step by step.

Pair iPhone to Sonos move

  • Press the Bluetooth button placed right behind on the Sonos move.
  • When The LED indicator starts glowing blue press the Bluetooth button untill the light starts blinking.
  • Now jump into your iPhone and open settings.
  • Turn your iPhones Bluetooth on and search for your Sonos Move.
  • When you find it tap on the pair button. And wait untill the LED indicator of the Sonos Move becomes solid.
  • After it turns solid paring is done.

Pair iPhone To Sonos Roam

  • On Sonos Roam power button works as the blutooth button.
  • Press the power button for a few seconds which is situated on the rear of the Sonos Roam.
  • Hold it untill the LED indicator starts to flash blue light.
  • Go to your iPhones menu and turn on the Bluetooth.
  • Search for your Sonos device.
  • Tap on your device name when you find it and wait until they pair. It won’t take more than a second. You will know both the devices are paired when the Sonos Roams LED indicator light becomes Solid an a paring tune played from the Sonos Roam.


Three methods that are mentioned above are verified by the experts. You can use any of these methods to pair your iPhone with the Sonos device depending on the model of your Sonos device. Sometimes people face issues while performing these methods in such unfamiliar conditions check your device is power on or not, or you can just restart your device and make sure your wifi is working fine or not.


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