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IMAX Vs RPX ( Which One to Choose?) 

After almost 2 years the theaters are open again. Us Movie lovers now can watch our favorite cinema is on the big screen. But from the popular Imax and RPX  hall which one to go to? 

Does it really matter? Actually, it does. If you want to really have the best time of your life you need to have a clear idea on which one will suit your needs. So, without being biased we made a detailed IMAX vs RPX comparison for you. 

The IMAX gives you a large screen with a great sound system and video quality. On the other hand, RPX has a comparatively smaller screen but a more advanced audio and video status. But, there is more. So without further ado let’s get to it. 

What are IMAX and RPX? 

Before going to the comparison let’s get a general idea about both of them. Imax or “image maximum” IMAX is a trademarked system of film format,  high-resolution cameras, theaters, and  film projectors. Surprisingly it was first established in 1967 in Canada. 

RPX or also known as “ Regal Premium Experience” is a fairly new concept. Founded by the Regal Entertainment corp in 1989 this chain of theater is now a worldwide popular system. 

IMAX vs RPX ( Detailed Comparison) 

Many differences exists between IMAX and RPX. They differ in terms of  coziness and elegance in the cinema hall, equipment, screen, technology, and other aspects.  

Screen Size 

Screen size is one of the main factors where IMAX and Rpx actually differentiate. IMAX theaters – IMAX cinema has a massive rectangular cinema screen. A normal IMAX screen measures up to 16 x22 meters  (52 by 72 feet),. However, in some places, they can be even larger depending on the area. The tallest IMAX screen stands 30 meters (98 ft). 

The aspect ratio is either 1.43:1 or 1.90:1 in height. Compared to that RPX has a smaller screen. It has a screen of about 12 meters by 18 meters (40 by 60 feet). If you are a fan of wide screens then you should definitely consider IMAX. 

Picture Quality 

We always want to see the best videography, right? There are different video resolutions like  high definition (HD), 4k,2k, standard definition (SD), full HD, and many more. Cinema productions have long claimed that they will provide the best possible videography that will draw the viewers into the theaters.  But, in the comparison of  IMAX vs RPX which one gives you the best video quality? 

If you are playing on waiting for 2D movies then IMAX takes the crown here. It brings you pretty  close to the movie screen. This will give you the impression of a higher-quality visual, Note that this actually depends on your viewing habits and eyesight.

The chair on the RPX theater is a bit pushed back from the screen. However, the visual quality is just as good as IMAX. Technically, there shouldn’t be much of a difference between here. At least not on the bare eyes. The changes are more noticeable in 3D movies or other fancy experiences. In short, the two viewing styles have identical picture quality. With IMAX it just seems a bit better because of the seating position.

But if you are going to watch 3D movies, then go for the RPX. Generally, 3D movies have more of a darker shade. The glasses are black and so is the cinematography. This is done so that you can get the 3D picture effect perfectly. RPX theaters give you a better cinema experience here. 

Sound Quality 

Imax Has 12 sound channels surrounding the cinema hall. On the other hand, RPX only has 7.1. But in RPX theater you will get an inbuilt speaker attached to your speaker. So, you can hear everything loud and clear. 

To some, this is quite a big deal and to others, this can be a bit too much. You see sound has a vibration. So it is natural that when you are so close to the speaker, you are bound to feel a quiver. Especially if you are watching an action film. Personally, I like that effect. 

In the end, it all comes down to your personal preference. 


Now, while watching a movie, comfort is a major factor. If you can’t seat comfortably you will be distracted throughout the whole movie. Which theater excels in this criteria? 

I must say RPX cinemas give you much more comfort, quality seats and one of a kind experience. Like we said before RPX stands for Regal Premium Experience. The designers of this sort of cinema prioritized luxury, which is why it includes pricey, soft, and leathery chairs with comfy headrests.

It’s not like you won’t get any comfort in the IMAX theaters. They also provide quality seating. But they fail in comparison to RPX. 

One drawback of the RPX seating system is that the seats are often too narrow for walking. And the seats are quite big here too. On one hand, it is giving you a premium movie experience and on the other, the feature is making it hard for free movement. But who walks while the cinema is on, right? 


This is one thing we consider in every aspect of your life. The recent price hike taught out the importance of a budget. Both IMAX and RPX are pretty pricy. But since RPX is giving you quality seating, powerful sound, and premium video it tends to be a tad bit pricier. 

IMAX movies normally cost $20, while there are discounts available for children and the elderly. RPX tickets cost about $18-$21, which is comparable to IMAX.

Overall Infrastructure 

IMAX theaters have one-of-a-kind techs and infrastructure. The center is a bit curved takes on the appearance of a massive dome.

This framework creates a 3D look with graphics that spring out. IMAX theaters also have twin 2K and 4K laser projectors, strong cameras, and up to 12-channel audio systems. The movie is projected vertically and horizontally on a silver-coated screen and layered to create a compelling effect.

The technology used in RPX theatres is cutting-edge. The theater uses Digital projectors and new and powerful sound systems. The visual quality is similar to that of IMAX, however, the aspect ratio is different.

Comparison Table 

Screen Big Screen ( 52×72 feet)Comparatively Small screen ( 40×60 Feet)
Video Best for 2D cinemasPremium 3D cinema experience. 
Audio 12 sound channels 7.1 sound channel plus in-built chair stereo. 
Seats Comfy seating Premium leather seats
Price 20 dollars per person Upto 21 dollars per person. 

Bottom Line

We have covered everything there is to know about IMAX vs RPX. Both theaters are great in their own way. The RPX halls just give you a better and more comfortable seat and a premium 3D experience. IMAX gives you a bigger screen, more ratio, and quality 2D picture performance. 

The audio and video quality is quite the same. There are just some technical differences that you won’t even notice if you are not working in the film tech world. There isn’t much difference in price either. So, we suggest you give both the theaters a once over. Like our scholars said there is no better knowledge than experience. 


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