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Right Airpod Not Charging

Airpods are the God of headphones. Music lovers can listen to any song anywhere without the constant interruption of wires. But here is the thing, even the best of the best can have technical problems. One thing most Airpod users face these days is the charging problem. More particularly right airpod not charging issue. 

So, how can fix this issue? Well, there are a number of ways you can do it. You can clean the total gear, reset it, charge your case through the MacBook instead of directly through sockets, or if there is any problem with the cable you can get a new authorized one. 

Before you jump on the opportunity to get a new battery we suggest you give our solutions a try. Now then, let’s talk about the solutions in detail so that you can try them out. 

How Charging Works in Airpod? 

First things first. You need to know how the whole charging process works. You might ask why? Well, you will have a better idea about the fixes then. But if you already know about this then you can skip this part and directly read the solutions. 

Your Airpod is charged through the MCsafe charging case. This won’t actually directly charge your Airpod but later, the container will be all ready to charge the Earbuds. The light will become orange whenever the case is charging. This is a pretty interesting process altogether. 

Your pods are charged using a USB wire. The wires are then connected to a power source. The McCase case has two contact points. Any flaw in these parts or contact points can cause the right AirPod not to charge.

The battery is quite powerful and durable. This 93 milliwatts battery will give you 3 hours of music and 2 hours of call experience in just 15 mins charge. The charging case of the AirPods will take about 1/1.5 hour to fully charge. And then once inside, the AirPods will take 20 minutes to fully charge. If the McCafe case is fully charged you can recharge your Airpod in it three to four times.

Fixes of Right Airpod Not Charging 

Now then. Let’s get straight to the solution to this problem. 

Check the Airpod Case Battery Percentage

Basically, if the Airpods case battery is less than 10%, it won’t be able to recharge your AirPods. Even if it could charge one side it won’t be able to charge the other one. So your right one might not charge at all then. 

People often forget to charge McSafe case because the battery lasts so long. So, for good measure, charge it for 20 minutes every day. And don’t worry about overcharging. Because the battery stops charging once it reaches its full potential. 

To check the battery status you can follow these steps: 

  • Bring the case closer to your apple device. Make sure the pods are inside it. 
  • Open the case. 
  • The status should display on the screen. 

Take note of the Charging Status 

When you put the pods inside the case three things will happen

  • One, the status indicator might turn green. This means that your McCafe case is fully charged and your pods are fully charged too. Or the pods are charged so no need to recharge. 
  • Secondly, it might change to an orange shade. This indicates that your case’s battery is working. Your pods are charging inside the case. A charging Icon will appear next to the battery icon. When the charging is complete it will change to green. 
  • And lastly and more dangerously, absolutely nothing might showcase here. This means your headphones aren’t charging. This indicated that there is something wrong with the charging case. 

Clean the Airpod and Case 

If your Earphones are dirty, the dust could be restricting the charging circuit. This is the most common problem with Airpod. After cleaning them, re-insert them into the casing to see whether they recharge.

For proper cleaning follow these steps: 

  • Rub the grimy portions of the charging case with a cotton swab dipped in 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  • Now, Pick out any leftover dirt along the case’s lines with a clean toothpick.
  • Use clean tissue paper or cloth to dry the casing.
  • Next, properly clean the charging port with a fresh brush. 
  • After that, Clean the Earbuds tail using a dry, lint-free cloth.
  • Finally, Using a periodontal or regular brush, clean the interior contact points.

Check the Cables and Charging Point 

Loose connections could be the main reason for the right AirPod not charging. Check that the AirPod is properly seated in the wireless charger. They should not change their positions. Make sure you have put the left one on the left side of the casing and the right one on the right side. 

Close the charging case cover carefully and correctly. Check that the AirPod is properly positioned and that it is in contact with the charging points.

Another possibility here is that the charging cord might be faulty. So, it’s having a difficult time giving sufficient power to your case. As a result, your right AirPod isn’t charging. To charge the case, always use an authentic Apple recommended cable. We always advise that you should use your Company manufactured iPad or iPhone charger. 

This problem can be caused by a third-party or second-rate charger. The most basic approach to test is the charging adapter and cable to another Apple device. 

Another trick is to charge the AirPods case with a new or different charger. For example, instead of connecting the cable into a direct power source, insert it in an MC book. 

Fixing the FrameWork Problem 

When anything isn’t working properly with your AirPods, there’s always the possibility of any sort of firmware issue. This includes issues with the battery and charging. You can either update the framework or reset the Airpod. A reset will return your AirPods to their factory settings, potentially repairing any underlying issues.

For that follow these steps: 

  • Place the pods inside the case, close the cover and wait 30 mins. 
  • After that open the cover and go to the IOS setting
  • From there go to Bluetooth settings and you will see your Airpods name and on it’s left more info. 
  • Now press that and from there choose forget this device. 
  • Now finally for the last step go to your charging case. It contains a ‘Setup’ button on the back. Hold down this button for a few seconds. The status indicator will turn amber and then white. Then release the button.

Bottom Line

After reading this article I am sure you now know how to solve this problem. Right Airpod not Charging is one of the most common problems an Apple user can face. The fixes we talked about should do the trick. But if not then contact your nearest Istore and get a new set of batteries. 

One thing we would like to add here, don’t put too much pressure on the pods. Make sure you don’t place it under heavy stuff or listen to it for long hours. And make sure when you charge the case it rehearses 100 percent before you unplug it. I am sure you can make 20 percent of your time to do that. 


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