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Skullcandy Left Earbud Not Working – How To Fix?

Skullcandy is known for producing headphones, earphones, and audio devices that are affordable without compromising quality.

The Skullcandy earbuds have a built-in microphone and a control button that allows you to adjust the volume without any hassle. The sleek ergonomic design provides comfort, which means your ears will not be sore after wearing them for long periods.

But recently some users have complained to us that their left or right earbud is not working.

This feels really frustrating if your one-side earbud is not working, which means if you even want to use the stereo mode, it’s not possible due to pairing issues. Look at the following where I explained how to solve Skullcandy left earbud issue which I applied for myself.

Troubleshoot Skullcandy Left Earbud Not Working

Here we have shown how can you solve your faulty skullcandy earbuds that stops working suddenly

Solution 1: Reset Earbuds

You can solve your skullcandy left earbud problem by resetting your both earbuds, just click the center power button of your earbuds and it’s all done.

  1. Put your earbuds in the charging case.
  2. Now unpair your Skullcandy earbuds from your devices such as laptops & mobile
  3. Got to Bluetooth setting > select Skullcandy earbuds > Remove or disconnect
  4. Now, unload the left & right earbuds from the case.
  5. Please press the center of each earbud and hold it there until the LED indication changes to red.
  6. This signifies that the earbuds reset successfully.
  7. Now, set both earbuds in your ears. You can notice that earbuds are syncing with each other.
  8. Now turn on Bluetooth and reconnect your Skullcandy earbuds to your devices.
  9. Enjoy fresh sound from your left and right earbud also.

Solution 2: Turn Off Pairing Mode

Did the First solution has failed to solve your problem? Then it’s time to try the second one where you just simply turn off the Bluetooth or pairing mode and reconnect them to see if your Skullcandy left earbud is working or not –

  1. Turn off both earbuds
  2. Press and hold the back button on your earbud for a minimum of 6-8 sec seconds.
  3. Place it in the charging case.
  4. Remove them for pairing mode
  5. Turn on your device Bluetooth
  6. Reconnect them and enjoy an immersive experience with Skullcandy earbuds


Why is one of my Skullcandy earbuds stopped charging?

The charging port on the earbud can be damaged if it receives too much stress. Also, the charging port can become loose if exposed to too much heat or water.

In either case, the phone will not charge the earbud. In the case of a broken charging port, this can be fixed by opening up the earbud and soldering down a new USB cable connection to the board.

If you suspect that your Skullcandy earbud has a faulty charging port, take it to a professional.

If you have bought Skullcandy products before, please contact Skullcandy customer service for further help or replacement of your defective Skullcandy.

Where is my Skullcandy case?

The Skullcandy case is an accessory that came with a pair of earbuds. The case was also sold separately for about $10.

Will Skullcandy replace a lost earbud?

No. Skullcandy does not replace or refund lost earbuds, but they will sell you a new pair of earbuds for about $20.

Is Skullcandy waterproof?

No. Although the earbuds are advertised as sweatproof (able to resist sweats) they are not truly water-resistant or waterproof. That means it better not put it in a jar of water to test their claim.

Does the Skullcandy warranty last for one year?

Yes, the warranty lasts for a period of one year. If you need to replace or repair your earbuds, visit their website for further instructions.


Skullcandy left or right earbuds not working suddenly it’s a very common issue that Skullcandy earbuds are now facing every day. Though it’s a major issue, however, it can be solved by some following simple 2 steps which we have discussed in our article. This can be one kinda software bug that sometimes causes problems while pairing both earbuds resulting in whole effects going on the left earbuds and stopping working properly. You don’t need to throw your earbuds in the trash can, just giving it a quick reset can fix the whole mess.

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