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The Vizio Sound Bar Bass Too Loud – how to fix?

Do you have a Vizio soundbar at your home? If you have one, you know how excellent quality sound it delivers. Vizio is one of the best brands in the business when it comes to delivering good sound at palatable prices. But there are several complaints dodged about the Vizio soundbar’s bass that is too loud. More bass does not necessarily mean better bass. If your Vizio soundbar has too loud bass, you can set it by changing settings. More than usual bass is produced due to both software and hardware issues. Now we are focusing on software issues and the ways we can get rid of them. But firstly ensure these important things given below

Things to take care of

  • Vizio sound bar needs a room that is specious to hear a better quality of sound.
  • Turning off the soundbar will solve the major issue that is caused due to software malfunction.
  • If you reset the Vizio soundbar it could vanish all the bugs and glitches of Vizio soundbar.
  • The firmware should be up-to-date on both soundbar and television. So that. It could fix old issue.

Methods to avoid too loud bass on Vizio sound bar

Nothing too much is good and when it’s about having a good audio experience it should be balanced not too much or not less. To hear proper sound there should be clarity and some mild frequencies in your sound system. So, to avoid such situation the easiest way is balancing out the sound and fixing the base. But on a smart soundbar like vizio soundbar, fixing such issue is not that easy and it’s not a common problem so firstly make sure that is your issue. Just turn off the surround sound. Because this is a mode where your soundbar shoots sound only toward one direction. To turn it off, do the followings-

  • Look for the menu then press it and you will find Audio option on the device and press it
  • Then turn off the surround sound option
  • If that doesn’t help turn up the bass volume to the fullest or turn the bass volume fully low
  • Sometimes even after adjusting you don’t get your desired sound
  • just reset the vizio soundbar or check if the firmware updated if not update the firmware.


At the end I would say Vizio soundbar is easy to use with some little but proper effort the problem can be resolved. If all these instructions doesn’t helps you with the problem there might be some other issue. Sometimes hardware malfunction creates loud bass issue. For all this you can contact Vizio support and take there help.


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