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Turn off SmartCast on Vizio TV

SmartCast On Vizio TV is an “intelligent” feature, much like the well-known casting option. This one allows you to choose the device you’re using for input (Blu-ray player, set-top box), and then cast its content onto your big screen. However, it has a twist that makes switching between inputs more powerful. Instead of simply casting to the TV, you can cast to any other device in your network. That’s right – it allows you to stream content from your PC or laptop straight onto your big screen!

Then where is the problem? Why do so many users want to disable this “SmartCast” function on their Vizio tv?

Through SmartCast Vizio TVs are getting their user’s data day by day and these data can be sold to any advertisers as some allegations were rumbling around them for selling users’ data but somehow this case still remains a mystery!

In a word, For additional security, you should turn off SmartCast on your Vizio TV. I am here to share a complete solution about How to turn off smartcast on Vizio tv. In this guide, you will get all possible ways to disable Smartcast from your Vizio television.

How to turn off SmartCast on newer Vizio TV models?

Vizio smart tv comes with this SmartCast function as a default feature. So, to disable this you need to go through some steps such as:

  • Pickup your Tv Remote
  • Press The Menu Button
  • Go to Settings option
  • Select System > Reset & Admin > Viewing Data
  • Now turn off the “smartcast” option

By clicking turn off the viewing data you have successfully disable the smartcast option on your vizio tv.

Now, what about older vizio tv models? Since the vizio tv models launched before 2011 came with this feature as disabled, that means you don’t need to turn it off manually. But if you want to recheck your tv you can do it

Check if the “SmarCast” Disable on your Old Vizio Tv

  • Press the Menu button on your TV’s remote
  • Go to the Settings option
  • Look for the Smart Interactivity option
  • Check If it’s disabled or enables

How to secure more your Tv Activities?

It’s true that even after disabling smartcast there are still some possibilities left to discover your activities which is too much risky. That’s why we are suggesting you use VPN (virtual private network).

Virtual private networks camouflage our original IP address and replace it with one of their own. That makes it really hard to track the internet activities of a user because all the data packets are encrypted via military-grade encryption techniques.

So, before considering disable SmartCast make sure you have installed VPN on your Tv device because smartcast is not the only thing that can spy on your activities.


TV settings may be a real headache. For those who can’t help tinkering with the picture and audio quality, it might as well be another language – there’s such an abundance of options to choose from, and all those figures involved. This article should make things easier though. When you consider Vizio TVs specifically, they usually don’t have too many features, yet they have some very interesting functions called SmartCast.


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