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Turn ON Your Bose Speakers and Soundbars Without Remote – Tips & Tricks

It’s happened to all of us. We’re lying in bed, ready to drift off to sleep, and then we remember that we left our Bose speaker or soundbar on. Or maybe we just want to listen to some music while we work and the remote is upstairs. Whatever the reason, it’s not always convenient to have to get up and go find the remote just to turn on our speakers.

Also, sometimes the remote control stopped working or it got lost somewhere which left us in a frustrating mood to not listen to or see our favorite song. But don’t worry – there is a way to do it. In this article, we will show you how to turn on your Bose speaker or soundbar without using a remote.

How To Fix Bose Soundbar/Speaker Remote Control Not Working?

First of all, there are many reasons behind bose remote control not working. It may be because the batteries have died or some dirt has been stuck inside the remote that prevents it from working. You can try other several ways to find your problem:

  • Check to see whether your speaker is connected to a functional outlet. If you’re not sure, try swapping the working outlet.
  • If you have a surge protector, connect it directly to the active outlet.
  • Make sure the two ends are properly linked.
  • Change your remote batteries if it turns out to be damaged
  • You can check whether your remote is operating or not on another device if you have one with the same remote control.
  • Reboot your soundbar/speaker by unplugging the power outlet for 1 sec

How to Turn ON Bose Speakers & Soundbars Without Using a Remote?

Most Bose devices have a button on the back or underside that allows you to turn them on and off without using your remote. Just press it and the speaker will turn on without a remote.

If you don’t want to do it manually then there are also another 3 options ready for you such as

Program your Own Remote For Speakers & Soundbar

Also if you don’t have any code search button or any universal remote, then you can easily create your own universal remote, here is how:

  1. Open Bose Music app,
  2. Tap setting icon
  3. Tap the My Bose icon then select the specific product.
  4. Go to the universal remote section
  5. Select Advanced to connect the Universal Remote to the speaker & soundbar. 
  6. Now tap power on the button
  7. Then you can see that your Bose speaker or soundbar is turning on

Turn ON Bose Speakers & Soundbar With Universal Remote

If you already have a universal remote lying around the house, it can be used to turn on your devices. You can control your TV, sound system, and other devices with one remote. This is the perfect way to make sure that everything in your home operates smoothly without any hassle! Let us show you how:

  • Use The Code Search Method To Turn On Your Bose Speaker/Sound Bar Without A Remote
  • Press and hold down the “CODE SEARCH” button for about three seconds or until the red light turns on.
  • Then use your universal remote to turn it on

Turn ON Bose Speakers & Soundbar With New Remote

if you don’t have any universal remote or if your code search method is not working then the best way to turn on your bose speaker is to buy a new bose remote. There are Bose’s official online stores that sell original replacement remotes for speakers and soundbars, so we recommend buying from a bose store. A new bose remote will cost you about $80, but it’s well worth the investment if you’re tired of always having to walk across the room just to switch on your sound system or speaker!


Can you turn off Bose without remote?

Yes, you can turn off your Bose sound system without the remote. All you need to do is press and hold the power button on the speaker or soundbar until it turns off. Keep in mind that if you have a surround sound system, turning off the main unit will also turn off all of the other speakers. Also, you can set an Auto turn-off system that will ensure to the power of your system within 20 minutes.

Can I use my phone as a Bose remote?

You can use the Bose SoundTouch app to control your sound system with your phone or tablet. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. You can also use the app to stream music from services like Spotify, Pandora, and Deezer.

What are some of the other ways to control my Bose sound system?

You can also control your sound system with a universal remote. Your TV remote may be able to communicate with the soundbar or speaker, but you’ll need to make sure that it has an IR receiver and compatible programming codes.

How do I turn on my Bose remote?

To turn on your Bose remote, press and hold the power button. The light will flash once to let you know that it’s turned on.


You can’t always carry a bulky remote with you. In this modern era, everything can happen through this tiny mobile with a touch of one single button. Using a Bose Music app you can create your own universal remote to use with your bose speakers and soundbars. That turning on both devices will be easy as pie.


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