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Tv Has No Sound But Picture: How To Fix [2022]

If you have a TV and it’s giving you trouble, like no sound but a picture, you are surely in trouble. Now we will discuss how to fix a TV with no sound but a picture. A punch on the casing was all that was needed to get a troubled TV to work properly. But this could be easily solved if the hardware and internal devices were OK. We will know the rest when we see them.

The reason behind the “NO SOUND BUT PICTURE” issue:

No sound but the picture or there is no picture, but the sound. The error is a very common issue for a TV. It could be a traditional old TV, an LED TV, a smart TV, or an LCD TV.

Those problems could be solved by several processes. It could be a setting issue, that you have internally muted your TV, that the sound sensor has become loose, or anything else. Let’s check the reasons.

  • You may have muted your TV with the remote or manually.
  • The volume button is down to zero.
  • Something covered the soundbox like a wall.
  • Maybe you have changed the audio input and output devices.
  • The sound sensor has been damaged.
  • Outdated software
  • All the connections have been loosened.
  • You have plugged in an earphone
  • Hardware has been damaged.
  • The remote is not working.
  • Low voltage issues
  • TV channel error.

How to fix a tv with no sound but picture?

If the hardware and sensor are not damaged, you can fix the error. It’s just a simple process like restarting the TV, hitting the backside of the TV, resetting all the settings, changing the TV remote battery. Sometimes, just check the volume button to see if it is at the lowest level or not.

Now, here are the details for your help:

  1. Firstly, check if the volume is not in a zero state. Next, check whether you have turned on the mute button or not. Examine the buttons on the remote as well as the TV. After that, check the remote battery to see if it actually works or not. You also need to check the sensor on the remote. If it is blocked by something, it won’t work. Change the battery in the remote. Check the volume buttons on the TV and remote. Increase the volume level.
  2. Another important method for quickly resolving issues. Turn off the TV and unplug it from the electric connection. Give a rest. Plugin and turn on the TV. With expert help, you can clean the inside circuits of the TV.
  3. Usually, we set up our TV and sound according to our choices. Mistakenly, we set it up in the wrong way. So just go back to the default settings. A factory reset will resolve all the issues except the no sound but picture, or lagging error, or no picture but sound error.
  4. There are different input and output systems. Check if the input devices are blocked by any dust or other objects. It may be due to those items, the TV sensor is not getting commands from your remote. On the other hand, the output device could be blocked by a wall or other metal object. That’s why the sound is not finding any way to reach your ear. Check the input and output plugs.
  5. The funniest thing is the TV channel error. From the transmission channel, it may be that the audio has been interrupted. So, the problem is not the TV or the remote; it’s the disjointed signal coming from the TV channel centre. Try changing several TV channels. If you have changed your TV from DVD to VCR, that might be the cause of the no sound error. So, if you are watching TV, check the state of the TV and go ahead.
  6. Take expert help, open the TV case, check the cable connections. If any of the connections are not exactly in place, it will give you a hard time. Check all the connections and ports, cause they are essential elements for a TV to spread the sound and picture.
  7. Check the remote and TV sensor. The sensor is one of the most important parts of handling the TV. If the sound sensor is disrupted or damaged, it will never work properly. Sometimes it will show the highest pitch, sometimes the zero pitch. So check the sound system.
  8. If you have an extra sound box with your TV, check it. Try to remove it and check the internal sound system. If the internal one is okay, do not use the extra one or buy a new one.
  9. Update all the relevant software if possible. Read the manual if there are any loopholes.
  10. Check all the ports. If it is blocked by any dust or other object, it may cause issues. For example, you may have inserted your gaming console and headphones into the TV. and forgot to remove it. The sound will not buzz till you have unplugged it.

No sound but the only picture or no picture but sound is one of the most common issues. But do not worry or panic. If the TV or the sensor has not expired fully, you can solve the issues. But if the problem is big, you need to change the TV. You can do a check-up on your ear. Sometimes they hit a wall or some metal object. No air circulation in the room can also be a reason for zero sound. Note those points also.


A TV is one such device that opens our eyes. Both old and new devices could create problems, like no sound but only pictures or vice versa. If the problems are minor, you can solve them without hassle. However, if you are having difficulty, contact the manufacturer’s customer service. Your problem will be solved easily. If you are planning to change any parts, make sure they are original. Enjoy your watch and learn from the device to open a new era.

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