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Vizio sound bar Bluetooth pairing not working

A Vizio Sound Bar is a one-stop solution for your sound system, which runs through a Bluetooth connection. But most users face issues as the Bluetooth pairing is not working. The reason for not pairing is an internal setting change or weak connection. The most common solution is to repair or restart the soundbar with a TV or related device. There are a few more steps that will resolve the common issues.

Hacks to Resolve the Issues:

If there are temporary issues, you can solve the problem easily. By following the proper steps, your problem will be solved. But if there are still issues, read this article and our hacks will help you connect the Vizio soundbar or any other Bluetooth soundbar. But if there are any major hardware issues, it might take another process to solve them.

Devices should be rebooted and restarted:

The most common solution is to restart the transmitter and receiver devices. If there is any lagging, the settings error will be solved by the process. If it doesn’t work, you can disconnect the devices from each other and reset the connection. But make sure the TV, laptop, PC, or mobile is turned off. Sometimes, restarting the device can solve every issue.

Repair the connection:

The Bluetooth device connection needed to be repaired. First of all, disconnect the soundbar from your laptop, mobile, desktop, TV, or any other device that sends sound. Again, reconnect with each other. The lack of a gap between the two devices will be solved easily.

Resolve Range and Signal error:

According to the manual, the Vizio Soundbar works mostly within a 30-feet range. Keep two devices no more than 30 feet apart. Do not keep anything that could block the device signal from being connected. Always try to keep both devices in a room or at a distance from where the signal can be transmitted and received easily.

If there is any other device that transmits signals, try to move those devices from the Bluetooth range. If there are any issues, try to keep both devices nearby. If there is any wifi router or repeater, move it away from those devices.

Driver issues:

If you are connecting your soundbar to your desktop or laptop, install the relevant drivers. If it is already installed and you are facing issues, update the driver. Also, check the soundbar firmware or internal software to see if it is working properly.

Change Transmitter

If one of your PCs, laptops, or TVs is not pairing with the soundbar, try other devices to check whether it is working or not. If it works, you can update the Bluetooth software on that device.

Pairing error:

Be careful when you are pairing two devices. Sometimes, you might type the wrong code. As a result, the devices will not connect with each other.

Follow the pairing steps like this:

  1. Press the Bluetooth button on your soundbar remote for 5 seconds.
  2. Check if the remote and the LED indicator of the soundbar and the remote are working properly or not.
  3. Search for the soundbar code or name on your device to be paired.
  4. Click the pairing button on your device and the soundbar together. The flashing light will be off.
  5. Play the audio and check if it is working or not.


Check the power connection of both devices while playing. Moreover, check the battery status. If there are any hardware issues, like remote issues, sensor errors, or circuit errors, you need to consult with a technician. If you are facing any errors, consult with them as early as possible. If you try to run the Vizio soundbar forcefully, the result will be worse.

The Vizio soundbar is mostly used for its features and area coverage. The error is not uncommon or unusual. The Vizio soundbar error is encountered by the majority of users. Bluetooth is not working or not pairing with the laptop or TV. By repairing and resetting, you can easily solve the issues. You do not need to worry until the internal circuit has major issues. Though we have discussed only one soundbar, the process is applicable to more or less all kinds of Bluetooth soundbar systems. If your device is not connecting, read our article and solve it.


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