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Vizio Sound Bar HDMI ARC Not Working – How To Fix?

if you have brought a Vizio soundbar and connected it with your TV using an HDMI ARC, unfortunately, it’s not working or has worked for some time but after a while, it stopped working. There might be some reasons laying beneath. HDMI ARC is terrific when it works properly. However, often it takes a bit of elbow grease to get it functioning right when you’re setting it up initially. we are here to help you in this case. by following some simple steps you can get rid of this problem.

Possible reasons why HDMI ARC is not working

There are a plethora of causes your Vizio speaker not working for, some of them mentioned below,

  • If your devices are not compatible, the HDMI ARC can’t be activated.
  • Make sure both devices are ARC compatible.
  • Third-party devices like cable boxes, satelite receivers, or gaming consoles may cause the control for HDMI function of the TV and audio device to stop working.
  • If you plug your soundbar in the wrong port.
  • If your TV and the Audio system is not updated.

Possible solutions are given below.

Fix Vizio Sound Bar HDMI ARC Issue

Connect two compatible devices

If you are connecting two different devices through HDMI cable both devices should be compatible with each other because there are some different types of models that are not compatible so make sure you solve this by changing one of your devices or both of them. 

Get an ARC compatible Device

If your TV or soundbar is not ARC compatible then it won’t work. You have to change your device to a ARC compatible device.

Disconnect other HDMI devices

Third-party devices can be a reason for this issue this problem is known as the CEC issue. If your TV has other devices connected than the soundbar, you have to disconnect it and connect the soundbar only. After disconnecting other devices from your TV prevent other HDMI-CEC devices from causing any occurrence.

Plug through the right HDMI ARC port.

Vizio soundbars are a very advanced audio system. so there are more than one HDMI ports but all of them are not ARC. make sure you have plugged into the right HDMI ARC port and both of the ends of your cable are working properly. otherwise, try using a new port.

Update your TV and audio system

As both of your TV and Soundbar is operated by a smart operating system, you should always keep your sound system and TV on the latest software version. Because outdated software versions also cause connectivity issues.

Bouns Tips (If none of the methods above works)

Enable CEC

It is not important that you always have to enable CEC. But if none of the methods mentioned above is working you better enable the CEC setting of your tv. 

Reset your tv and soundbar

There can be some hidden wrong settings that can cause disconnectivity, so it is better that you reset your both devices and then connect them again via HDMI ARC.

Connect to another TV

If still, your Vizio soundbar is not connecting with the TV, try to connect your soundbar to another TV via the HDMI ARC cable. If it works completely fine. There might be issues with your TV. Either the port is damaged or some settings are needed for HDMI ARC to work, If that’s the case take help from the manual of your tv.


We hope the methods that are mentioned above will pretty much going to solve your problem. If still your HDMI ARC not working you can connect both of your devices using other methods. You can take help from this blog (How to connect Vizio soundbar to Samsung tv).


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