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How To Wire/Connect 4 Speakers To A 2 Channel Amp?

Depending on your speakers and amplifier, you need to connect them in series or in parallel. Today we will learn how to wire four speakers to a 2-channel amp diagram. Connecting with multiple speakers and an amplifier is the perfect way to get the rhythm you want. But to get the perfect output, you need to be tricky. To stop overloading the sound, you need to know how to wire the speakers to the amplifier. There are two best ways: parallel and series connections, to wire four speakers to a two-channel amplifier. We will know how to connect them in detail.

Which method should you use: parallel or series?

Be thoughtful when you are choosing your amplifier. Fix the maximum and minimum impedance while connecting to the speakers. The impedance should be set according to the load. Keep in mind that you should not cross the limit. It will cause a great loss. To know the limit, check the manual, label, and related websites. If your speaker impedance is within the limit, use the series circuit connectivity option if it doesn’t check for parallel connection.

For series connection, add the resistance of the speakers. If it matches the amplifier limitation, connect them in series. For a parallel connection, multiply two resistances and then divide the result by the sum of the speaker’s two resistances. If the final result matches the amplifier points, connect them in parallel.

After finding the right way, always use the same connection to wire four speakers to a two-channel amplifier.

Wiring four speakers to a 2-channel amplifier in series:

If your amplifier works in a series connection, you must connect the positive terminal to the positive and the positive terminal to the positive.

In the series circuit, the positive terminal of one speaker is connected to the next positive terminal of the other. First of all, the positive wire from the first amplifier should be connected to the first positive point of the first speaker. Next, the positive wire from the speaker should be connected to the positive port of the speaker. In this way, the negative port of the last speaker should be connected to the negative port of the amplifier.

After checking the amplifier’s limitations, connect your speakers with it in the series connection. Make sure it is not less or more than the limit. If it crosses the limit, it will destroy both your amplifier and the speakers.

Wiring four speakers to a 2-channel amplifier in parallel:

The connection between the parallel connection and the series connection is totally different. Firstly, connect the negative point to the negative point of the first amplifier. Then connect the positive point of the amplifier with the first port of the speaker. Next, connect the positive and negative ports of the first speaker to the next speaker’s positive and negative ports, respectively.

In this way, all the negative points should be connected with each other, and the positive points should also be connected with each other. You should be very careful when you should be very careful. Keep in mind that positive to positive and negative to negative connections should be made to get the actual sound.

Check the amplifier’s limitations. It’s time to connect your speakers to it using the parallel connection. Make sure it is not less or more than the limit. If it crosses the limit, it will destroy both your amplifier and the speakers.

Connecting with a speaker selector switch

Sometimes, it might be tough and confusing to select the way to connect the speakers to the amplifier. Most people make the mistake of connecting them in series when they should be connected in parallel. It is also possible that the opposite will occur. Now, if you’re unsure of what to do or how to do it, our solution is here to help. Follow the above rules. If those do not work, there is a life savior.

The process is only a selector switch. Connect the amplifier to a switch panel. Though this could be applicable to a bigger room or a big house, let’s get directly to the point. So, after connecting the speaker and the selector switch, connect them to the amplifier. That means connecting the positive ports to the negative points in the perfect way.

Most of the switch boxes come with a sound control system as well. You can turn off and on the switch at any time. You can find the exact speakers and hear if there is any fault or error. This is easy to find and troubleshoot if there are any default errors. If you can use it for business purposes, you will get a better result.

Tips for wiring the speakers to the amplifier

  • The first and foremost tip is to check the amplifier limit. Count the power and impedance. Multiply, divide, and sum up the impedance where and when needed.
  • Do not increase the power of your amplifier unnecessarily. If it is needed, increase the speakers and amplifier.
  • Try to keep the load a bit lower. Do not load fully or cross the limit. Otherwise, the sound will be noisy.
  • Do not use a parallel connection while needing a series connection. Vice versa should also be needed. To fix which connection you should use, count the impedance carefully.
  • If there is anything odd, like noise or some unusual sound, you should check the speakers as well.
  • If you are using a selector switch, make sure the switch is working properly and can take the load and power.
  • Check every wire connection and the ports before connecting to the power. If there is a single fault, it will have bad consequences.
  • Do not make any mistake while connecting the speakers to the amplifier.

After reading the article, we might have found a way to connect the speaker and the amplifier. Check the limit and connect it accordingly. Enjoy the rhythm of music with a noiseless sound that has bass.


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